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Request a Registration Code
To request an add code, complete the form below with the appropriate information. Once submitted, we will respond to your request within three (3) business days.

Registration Code Request
Please complete this form in its entirety so we may better assist you!

Remember to check time schedule notes - does this course require the instructor's permission? If so, copy and paste the note from the instructor giving you permission into the Additional comments/questions box.

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Different Codes, Late Registration Fee & Restrictions

  • Add/Entry Codes:
    Needed when a ">" is next to SLN (Schedule Line Number) in the Time Schedule, and for any Late Registration, unless it is independent study when you need a faculty's code.
  • Faculty Codes:
    Used instead of an add code for any independent study. The faculty must first agree to work with you before you register with their faculty code. See faculty code list.
  • Late Registration Fee:
    See the following web pages regarding late registration fees:
  • Restricted Courses:
    "Restr" (Restricted) listed to the left of the SLN is another way to restrict access to a course instead of add code. Always click on the SLN in Time Schedule to see who is restricted.