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Avoid computer bugs by patching your computer!

At the beginning of every school year the School of Nursing network is bombarded by worms, viruses, trojans and the like. The majority of these are unleashed by unwitting students, staff and faculty as they plug their unpatched portable computers into the network. To save yourself - and us - a lot of grief and time we are asking you to PLEASE spend some time patching and updating your computer *before* you plug it into our network.

A great resource for computing security at the UW is the University of Washington Computing Security web page.

Go through the Basic security: Steps everyone should take section of the page. It will guide you through updating your operating system and virus scanning software, and provides links to download anti-spyware programs. It could take you upwards of an hour to do all of these steps if your computer hasn't been patched/updated in quite a while, but PLEASE TAKE SERIOUSLY the need to do each and every one of these steps! Just one infected computer connected to our network can result in several days of lost time - and potentially, the loss of valuable data.

Another resource, provided by the School of Nursing, is the Computing Resources web page.

There is a convenient, one-click, "Virus Bug" that you can use to update your existing software, and a slew of computing resources provided by the SoN and the UW. Take the time to bookmark both of the above web pages, and revisit them often! Updating Windows patches and virus files is something that you should do monthly at a minimum.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. And please, take the time to follow the above steps. It will save you from the frustrations that come with losing network access due to an infected computer.