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Faculty Support

The clinical placement database (Placement.accdb) is an important part of the clinical placement process as it holds information about affiliation agreements, the majority of our current preceptors, as well as all of the graduate student placements that have been made since Spring 1994. This database is managed by Jenn Waugh in Academic Services, but the majority of the data is provided by the staff and faculty coordinators who help arrange student placements.

To gain access to this database, contact Stephanie Kirschner (stann at uw dot edu, 206-616-5066) in order to complete the required FERPA confidentiality form. You will complete the first section, and the second and third sections will need to be completed by:

  1. your immediate supervisor
  2. your department chair
Return the form to Academic Services, c/o Stephanie Kirschner (Box 357260).

Once AS has received a completed form, you will receive instructions on how to download the placement database. AS may need to arrange a short period to set this up on your work computer, but this generally takes no more than 5 minutes.

Important Security Reminder

Remember that this database contains very sensitive information, subject to FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act). Avoid leaving the database open on your desktop when not in use and do not give out the password to others under any circumstances. In the future, we may require FERPA training (similar to HIPAA training), but in the meantime remember to keep this information secure!