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The UW School of Nursing has a national and international reputation for excellence. An unusually fertile environment for nursing research guides and shapes its baccalaureate and graduate educational programs. It also builds practice that emphasizes leadership skills for the health care needs of a multicultural world.


Box 357260
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: 206-543-8736

Frances Marcus Lewis, PhD, FAAN
The University of Washington Medical Center Endowed Professor in Nursing
Family and Child Nursing
Box 357262
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7262

Email Address:
Dr. Frances Marcus Lewis is a professor in the Department of Family and Child Nursing. Her main research activities focus on the processes by which serious medical illness impacts the family, including spouse-caregivers and children. The clinical prototypes of greatest interest involve families impacted by cancer in an adult family member, including child-rearing parents.
Current research activities involve a randomized clinical trial of a psychoeducational intervention for spouse-caregivers of women with breast cancer (National Cancer Institute); a pilot study of a couple-focused educational counseling program to enhance adjustment to recently diagnosed colorectal cancer (Oncology Nursing Foundation); and testing a telephone-delivered cancer parenting education program. In addition to clinical trials research, Dr. Lewis is actively involved in training health care providers in evidence-based interventions that are known to improve the quality of life, symptoms, and adjustment of adults with cancer and their family caregivers. This work includes national training programs in the U.S. and international training programs in Central and Eastern Europe, South America, and Japan.
Dr. Lewis is also a noted evaluation methodologist and an expert in health behavior theory. She was one of the founding Editors of the award-winning textbook: Health Behavior & Health Education: Theory, Research and Practice and is the recent recipient of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Professor of Survivorship Award; the Palmer Lectureship (Loyola, Chicago), among others; and is sought widely as a research methodologist by universities nationally and internationally.
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