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The UW School of Nursing has a national and international reputation for excellence. An unusually fertile environment for nursing research guides and shapes its baccalaureate and graduate educational programs. It also builds practice that emphasizes leadership skills for the health care needs of a multicultural world.


Box 357260
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
Phone: 206-543-8736

Jerald R. Herting, PhD
Research Professor

Psychosocial & Community Health
Box 357263
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-8732

Email Address:
Dr. Herting has over 12 years of experience conducting research and evaluation in the areas of adolescent drug and alcohol use, mental health, delinquency, and educational achievement. His work includes survey design, instrument development, and alternative statistical models for evaluating program effectiveness. Dr. Herting's recent work has focused on the evaluation of school-based interventions to prevent dropout, suicide risk, substance use/abuse; and of methods to identify high-risk populations for indicated intervention programs.
Related health and demography interests include teenage fertility, contraceptive use, and the role health services play in the adoption of family planning and other health behaviors. Dr. Herting specializes in issues relevant to adolescence (health, alcohol/drug use, mental health, education), social demography (fertility, contraceptive use, adolescent fertility), advanced quantitative methods (structural equation models, loglinear models, demographic methods, measurement, survey research), and evaluation research.
Reconnecting Youth Prevention Research Program
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