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Data Request Log

Below is a log of data requests submitted via the Online Data Request Form that are currently in progress or have recently been completed. Please understand that many data requests may need additional time to complete due to the complex nature of the requests and multiple data sources needed to fulfill them, so check back here frequently if you are waiting for data.

If you have a question or need to update your request, contact Stephanie Kirschner in Academic Services (


Please anticipate delays in the completion of data requests due to the high volume of student compliance records updates.
Thank you for your patience!

Pending Data Requests

Name of Requestor Request Title Date Received
Stephanie Kirschner Graduate GCPAPN records 6/29/2012
Betsy Mau Low Scholarship Report Autumn 2013 12/20/2013
Maria Tong 10th Day PCE Enrollment Census for Winter Quarter 2014 1/17/2014
Andrea Gierlich 2013 PCH DNPMN Graduates 1/22/2014
ODLRLn agtynBffyTazxWokMfzszMUytdcvWTVhA 1/25/2014
Barbara McGrath BSN grade point averages 2/10/2014
Heather Wicklein Sanchez HRSA Performance report data 2/12/2014
Jenny Tsai CHN Applications Info Past 5 Yrs 2/14/2014
Emily Lamont IMH GCPAPN students 2/28/2014
Sarah E Shannon Number of veterans in ABSN BSN program 3/3/2014
Mi Sun Kim AGNP Student data 3/15/2014
Dagmar Schmidt African-American students enrolled in SoN 3/19/2014
Carolyn Chow Self-identified minority admits 3/20/2014
Cat Olcott HRSA ANE Semi-annual Performance Report (Boutain, PI) 3/20/2014
Dagmar Schmidt Ethnicity BSN ABSN program - census data fall 2013 3/21/2014
Betsy Mau Low Scholarship Report for Winter 2014 3/27/2014
Maria Tong 10th Day PCE Enrollment Census for Spring Quarter 2014 4/1/2014
Andrea Gierlich 2013 PCH DNPMN Graduates 4/2/2014
Carolyn Chow UW pre-nursing students admitted to BSN 2014 4/2/2014
Ashley Wiggin DNP graduates 4/4/2014
Ilse Allison accreditation annual monitoring report 4/8/2014
Carolyn Chow Self-identified minority students 4/15/2014

In-Process Requests

Name of Requestor Request Title Estimated Delivery Date
Heather Wicklein Sanchez End-of-Program Evaluation Results TBD

Completed Requests

Name of Requestor Request Title Date Completed
Carolyn Chow Underrepresented Graduate Student Retention 11/27/2013
Jenn Waugh Test data request
Betsy Mau Status and Progress Active and On Leave Graduate Students 11/21/2013
Hilaire Thompson Numbers of students entering NMETH 533 who have had NMETH 520 11/19/2013
Glory Visario DNP (Pshychosocial and community health) Alumni
Rebecca Wood Clinical Placement data for PMHNP students (not in PeriNatal subspecialty)
Eleanor Bond TEHD training grant data
Jody Okamura PMH Clinical Site Data
Maria Tong Current Graduate Students by program and specialty
Jungeun Kim The current mail and email address.
Maria Tong 10th Day PCE Enrollment Census for Autumn Quarter 2013
Betsy Mau Low Scholarship Report Summer Quarter
Cat Olcott Advanced Nursing Education (ANE) Grant Program -- Academic Year 2012-2013
Mimi Heggelund for Dean Emami SoN List of Alumni in China, HongKong, Korea, Thailand
Mi Sun Kim Student demographic data
Sarah E Shannon Senior BSN and ABSN student list
Melissa Hamley CIPCT Graduation Document Tracking
Susan Flagler Flagler - Inactive DNP students
Rebecca Wood PMHNP TIP
Jenny Tsai CHN data report
Andrea Gierlich 2013 graduates
Musetta Fu NURS 534 Student Information
Musetta C Fu CNS preceptors information for Summer 2013
Musetta C Fu CNS preceptors information for Summer 2013
Douglas Lim TEHD Grant Student Demographic Information
Heather Wicklein Sanchez GTG HRSA Performance Report
Betsy Mau Low Scholarship Report 6/20/2013
Maria Tong PCE 10th Day Enrollment Census for Summer Quarter 2013
Carolyn Chow Native American graduating students? 6/05/2013
Glory Visario 2013 Nursing Recent Grad Emails
Carolyn Chow 2013 Admissions Update 6/03/2013
Mindy Schaffner DOH Survey 2011-2012
Musetta Fu CNS preceptors Win Spring 2013 6/13/2013
George Demiris Descriptive Info for URM 5/20/2013
Jeannie Ngo 5/20/2013
Nancy Woods, Mimi Heggelund Update for Global Health Report to Dean Mitchell 5/20/2013
Dagmar Schmidt, Patrick Tufford Update Deskmail Exception group
Anh Shafer Compliance Passports - Summer 2013 5/23/2013
Frank Montgomery FY 12 (Sum 11-Spr 13) Ugrad Degrees Awarded by SoN 5/15/2013
Patrick Tufford New BSNABSN student info 5/16/2013
Simone Nelson Add ID Access Card Fee field 5/15/2013
Anh Shafer Compliance Tab for All New Students 5/17/2013
Anh Shafer List of New ABSN and Summer BSN 5/24/2013
Patrick Tufford NCLEX candidate data 5/07/2013
Andrea Landis STTI (Update to include Summer 2012) 5/07/2013
Cathryn Booth-LaForce Updating T32 application information about diversity 5/15/2013
Alisa Chang T32 Submission (CBLF) 5/06/2013
Cathryn Booth-LaForce T32 5/06/2013
Dagmar Schmidt AACN PhD and DNP Autumn 2012 registration 4/29/2013
Dagmar Schmidt Student credit load 4/26/2013
Rebecca Wood Anita Souza PMHNP students TIP placements (NCLIN 798) 5/03/2013
Crystal Welliver Pre-doctoral student info needed for data tables 4/25/2013
Dora Wang Update 2013 ABSN/BSN Admissions lists 4/23/2013
Crystal Welliver Dates of prior degrees for past pre-doc 4/22/2013
Elaine Adams Thompson Knowledge of Graduates current positionlocation 4/23/2013
Jenn R in-coming BSN emails 4/19/2013
Dagmar Schmidt Updated Tuition Exemption report 4/17/2013
Dagmar Schmidt Tuition exemption report, plus course credits 4/17/2013
Crystal Welliver Pre-doc trainee info needed for C. Mason 4/17/2013
Susan Lewis Graham Rebecca Logsdon traineesmentees 4/17/2013
Dagmar Schmidt Tuition Exemption report, Spr 2013 4/15/2013
Dora Wang BSN and ABSN admissions decisions 4/19/2013
Rebecca Wood of NEW PMHNP preceptors for 201112 and 201213 academic years 4/12/2013
Patrick Tufford PCE student headcount 4/11/2013
Betsy Mau Graduate Student Low Scholarship Report 4/12/2013
Susan Lewis Graham Academic Degree Years for Past and Current Pre- and Post-Doc Students 4/11/2013
Emily Lamont IMH GCPAPN Information 4/11/2013
Noel Chrisman enrollment in public health nursing curricula 4/08/2013
Andrea Landis, PhD, RN (FCN) Excel Spreadsheets of eligible nursing undergradgraduate students 4/22/2013
Rebecca Wood PMHNP Preceptor Data 3/22/2013
Alisa Chang T32 Submission (CBLF) 4/23/2013
Maria Tong PCE 10th Day Enrollment Census for Spring Quarter 2013 4/15/2013
AS 2013 BSN admissions decisions 3/18/2013
AS 2013 MN and GCPAPN admissions decisions 3/13/2013
AS 2013 DNP and PhD admissions decisions 3/13/2013
Carolyn Chow Self-identified minority applicants 2/26/2013
Anh Spr 2013 Passport Data - VM/Evergreen 2/26/2013
Anh Spring 2013 Passport Data - Remaining students (not VM/Evergreen) 3/04/2013
Anh List of Current Students 2/25/2013
Academic Services Graduate SoNdb student records 3/08/2013
Diane Magyary 2012-13 PhD Cohort 2/19/2013
Maggie Baker DOH NCQAC Survey - 2011-2012 3/19/2013
Anh Shafer Update Hall Health Compliances in SoNdb 2/20/2013
Dagmar Schmidt BSNABSN applicants students 2/27/2013
Maria Tong PCE program applicantsadmits 2/21/2013
Maggie Baker Review of Independent Study course enrollment 2/15/2013
Jungeun Kim Beginning Juniors 1/17/2013
Eleanor Bond diversity data from Oct 2012 1/18/2013
Academic Services Data Download of 2013 Graduate Applicants 2/15/2013
Carolyn Chow Minority Graduate Student Enrollment Rates for 2011 1/14/2013
Dora Wang ABSN addresses 1/10/2013
Susan Flagler DNP Educ HRSA grant Final Report 3/13/2013
Rebecca Wood Preceptor data - total of preceptors in database PMHNP preceptors 1/8/2013
Musetta Fu CNS preceptors Win 2013 1/08/2013
Betsy Mau Graduate Progression Report 2
Betsy Mau Annual Graduate Student Review 2013 1/08/2013
Betsy Mau Low Scholarship Report 12/20/2012
Maggie Baker Currently enrolled students in MN and DNP 12/20/2012
Maria Tong Winter Quarter 2013 10th day census 1/22/2013
NSF, NIH NSF, NIH Survey 2/22/2013
Phyllis Christianson APN cohort, registered Spring 1993 12/10/2012
Ellen Meyer (by Betsy Mau) Number of Current Nursing Students by Program and Specialty 1/15/2013
Betsy Mau Employee Tuition Exempt Graduate Students 12/20/2012
Anh Shafer Compliance Query 11/19/2012
Dagmar Schmidt Autumn 2012 Demographics
Dagmar Schmidt Men in Nursingapplicants and enrollees 1/03/2013
Jenny Tsai of CHN-DNP application 10/09/2012
Anh Shafer Compliance Fields (My Oops!) 10/23/2012
Ashley Wiggin Student data for alumni enewsletter 10/18/2012
Linda Argo SoN Preceptors, Active Autumn Quarter - 2012 10/17/2012
Laura Mason 10th day census data fall 2012 10/18/2012
Academic Services Autumn 2012 Census Day Data 12/20/2012
Anh Shafer Compliance Fields 10/16/2012
Ashley Wiggin Student data for Fact Sheet 11/16/2012
Fiona Shannon All Active Preceptors 10/10/2012
Maggie Baker, Betsy Mau Report 10/03/2012
Linda Argo School of Nursing Preceptors 10/10/2012
Carolyn Chow retention rate for DNP program 10/02/2012
Susan Flagler More Clinical Sites - FNP students 10/05/2012
Musetta C Fu Clinical Nurse Specialist Receptor Data 10/12/2012
Susan Flagler 2009 Post-masters DNP grads 10/01/2012
Susan Flagler Flagler clinical site data - FNP PNP 9/25/2012
Patrick Tufford, Maria Tong Census Day Data Report - PCE 10/05/2012
Anh Lam Update Student Compliance Data 9/19/2012
Carolyn Chow BSN Retention rates from 2008-2012 9/18/2012
Rebecca Wood Clinical training data 9/19/2012
Dora Wang BSN junior list 9/14/2012
Susan Flagler Flagler HRSA Performance Report - 11 additional enrollees 9/14/2012
Anh Shafer Student Compliance updates 9/14/2012
Anh Shafer Add compliance records for late admits (2012) 9/13/2012
Lisa Hall Additional HRSA DNP-Community Health Prevention Demographics 9/14/2012
Jody Okamura PMH Clinical Site Data 9/14/2012
Simone Nelson Incoming 2012 Grad Admit Rpt 9/12/2012
SoN Metrics Workgroup Student retention metrics, by program 12/12/2012
Betsy Mau Low Scholarship Report 9/07/2012
AACN AACN annual survey 12/12/2012
Elisabeth LindleyEleanor Bond Demographic info on clinical students at PEHC 9/05/2012
Dagmar Schmidt AACN annual survey (doctoral student roster survey) 9/13/2012
Molly McAllister Student placement history - Lazo 8/31/2012
Anh Shafer Change Students Statuses to Non-Compliant for Consent to Release Form 8/28/2012
Patrick Tufford Upload of revised PCE registration forms 8/28/2012
Lisa Hall HRSA - DNP CHN Additional Information 8/23/2012
Jennifer Snow T32 Table database (supplemental) 8/21/2012
Lisa Hall HRSA DNP-Community Health Prevention Demographics 8/23/2012
Dora Wang Graduating ABSN students 8/17/2012
Jungeun Kim ABSN email addresses 8/17/2012
Stephanie Kirschner Add DIPs to Stud_Main 8/15/2012
Stephanie Kirschner Update Stud_Main table 8/15/2012
Maria Tong New Admit Letters 8/16/2012
Anh Shafer Continuing Masters and Certificate Students 8/15/2012
Maggie Baker CIPR (Continuing Improvement Progress Report - DNP ) Includes Enrollment/Graduation data for DNP & all programs--3 yr period 11/16/2012
Jenn Rathe 2012 BSN admits 8/14/2012
Maria Tong Find GNM applicant's DoB 8/14/2012
Betsy Mau Add committee member names to SoNdb 8/14/2012
Musetta Fu, Basia Belza Enrollment data for NURS 534, Spring 2012 8/14/2012
Betsy Mau Current list of newly admitted graduate students 8/10/2012
Jungeun Kim Pre-RN Program Evaluation 8/15/2012
Anh Shafer Enroll/Compliance for 2012 Admits 8/08/2012
Anh Shafer Current List of Undergraduate Students 8/10/2012
Jennifer Snow T32 Table database 8/17/2012
Jenn Rathe SoNdb Update - class standing/enrollment 8/03/2012
Dora Wang SoNdb update BSNs from Jr to Sr status 8/07/2012
Jenn Rathe SoNdb update - 2012 BSN 8/06/2012
Jenn Rathe SoNdb Update - change enrollment 8/06/2012
Dora Wang Update SoNdb enrollment status for 2012 BSN graduates 8/02/2012
Susan Flagler Flagler 2012 Performance Report 8/31/2012
Anh Shafer Autumn 2012 student information (brief) 7/23/2012
Ruth Johnston 2007-2011 enrollment data 7/18/2012
Ruth Johnston 2011 enrollment data 7/12/2012
Stephanie Kirschner GCPAPN certificates awarded 8/10/2012
Betsy Mau Low Scholarship Report 8/24/2012
Maggie Baker 2012 DNP degrees awarded (to date; 2012 DNP admissions report (to date) 6/25/2012
Patrick Tufford and Frank Montgomery 2012 admissions report as of 6/25/2012 6/25/2012
Lyn Bond and Basia Belza Continuing HRSA grants, BNHS 6/29/2012
Elisabeth Lindley 2012 DNP, MN, MS degrees awarded (to date) 6/22/2012
Maggie Baker Course history: NURS 200-level courses 7/30/2012
Patrick Tufford PCE early registration report 6/25/2012
Betsy Mau and Maggie Baker Current MEPN/GEPN student report 6/20/2012
Dora Wang and Jenn Rathe Update UWNetID and email 6/19/2012
Betsy Mau Add GPCAPN_EH application record 6/19/2012
Chris Miller 2012 admissions report as of 6/20/2012 6/19/2012
Maggie Baker Advisor/course report 6/19/2012
Frank Montgomery SoN student credit hours report 6/20/2012
Betsy Mau Student progress report 6/13/2012
E. Lindley DNP & MN degrees awarded, by specialty 6/22/2012
Betsy Mau Student progress report 6/25/2012
Alisa Chang T32 5/06/2013
Alisa Chang T32 5/01/2013